With 20 years of experience, HITEC Luxembourg has a confirmed expertise in design, system integration, commissioning, testing and maintenance of space and satellite systems, supported by a multi-disciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, radio-frequency and service engineers.

Those competences make HITEC Luxembourg an ideal partner for multiple services in the field of space and satellite communications.


Built around the adequate antenna products, HITEC Luxembourg can deliver complete ground stations. Based on the project requirements, selection and integration of RF equipment such as HPA, LNA, frequency conversion, baseband and test systems are selected and integrated to provide a complete space & satellite communication solution.
Ground Station System Integration
HITEC Luxembourg can provide factory and on-site installation campaigns and tests are supervised and performed by HITEC Luxembourg to ensure the success of the project and the delivery of a functional solution to the customer.
Turn-key Supplies
With a range of products such as the HASK® and HACU® and its expertise, HITEC Luxembourg can provide solutions for refurbishment, retrofit or relocation of existing antennas to extend their operating lifetime.
Refurbishment – Retrofit – Relocation
HITEC Luxembourg has a dedicated team of skilled service engineers and technicians, fully trained to maintain all your products and solutions to the highest standards.

They can provide maintenance support for the antennas such as remote support for troubleshooting, preventive maintenance campaigns on site or corrective actions to preserve and improve the operations and availability of the antennas.
HITEC Luxembourg can provide integrated logistic support (ILS) including the establishment of an equipment breakdown structure, collection of reliability and availability data, identification of critical obsolescence items and management of support and test equipment as well as expendable materials.

Furthermore, HITEC Luxembourg can provide in service support (ISS) including remote engineering stand-by availability for corrective maintenance, depot level maintenance, packaging, handling, storage and transport of equipment, on-site maintenance, failure and anomaly analyses, etc.  
Being present on the market and industry of space and satellite systems since more than 20 years, HITEC Luxembourg’s team has built up a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience that allow us to propose customised solutions when our customers are unable to find suitable ready-made solutions on the market.
Custom developments